• Photography Competition 2015    
        • 11th Semiannual Competition    
Photography Competition 2015

Brian Paul Clamp
ClampArt, New York

Karen Irvine
Curator and Associate Director
Museum of Contemporary Photography

Jurors' Biographies
Brian Paul Clamp is Director of ClampArt, a gallery in Chelsea specializing in modern and contemporary art with an emphasis on photography.  Prior to opening ClampArt in 2000, he served as the director of a gallery on Manhattan’s Upper East Side (1993-2000).

ClampArt mounts eight to twelve exhibitions per year featuring the work of emerging and mid-career photographers.  Aside from exhibitions at his own gallery space, he has curated numerous photography shows at various venues throughout the United States, and has reviewed photographers’ portfolios at dozens of events over the past fifteen years.  

He is the author of numerous publications on art, and occasionally contributes written work to various art periodicals.  He has a Master of Arts degree in Critical Studies in Modern Art from Columbia University in New York.  For further information, please visit
    Photographed by Ryan Plugger
Image provided by Brian Paul Clamp
© 2015 Ryan Plugger
Karen Irvine is Curator and Associate Director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago. She has organized over forty five exhibitions of contemporary photography, at the MoCP and other venues including the Hyde Park Art Center;  Rockford Art Museum; Lishui International Photography Festival, China; Daegu Photography Biennale, South Korea, and the New York Photo Festival.

She has contributed texts to many publications including Foam, Art on Paper, and Contemporary magazines and monographs including Ann Lislegaard: Eyes Wide Open (The Royal Museum of Photography, Copenhagen); Paula McCartney: Non-flights of Fancy (Princeton Architectural Press); Barbara Probst: Exposures (Steidl); Redheaded Peckerwood by Christian Patterson (MACK), and Stefan Heyne Speak to Me (Hatje Cantz), amongst others.

She has a BA in French and International Relations from Tufts University, Medford, MA, an MFA in photography from FAMU, Prague, Czech Republic, and an MA in art history from the University of Illinois at Chicago. For further information, please visit
    Image provided by Karen Irvine
© 2015 Karen Irvine
Note: To ensure objectivity and fairness photographers should not contact the jurors.  Any questions you may have should be directed to Dave Bown
at +1 (917) 365-5265 or

Dave Bown Projects
The initiatives of the privately held U.S. company focus on advancing the field of visual arts by conducting research, buying works of art for the Collection of Dave Bown Projects, and providing unrestricted monetary awards to visual artists.

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$5,000 USD (1 photographer will receive $2,500 USD; 1 photographer will receive $1,500 USD; and 1 photographer will receive $1,000 USD).

In addition to the cash prizes listed above; we reserve the right to provide additional cash prizes (Awards of Excellence) for categories including but not limited to Cityscapes, Landscapes, Places, People, Portraits, Abstract, Still Life, Nature, Street, Aerial, Fashion, Architecture, Documentary, Time Laspe, Macro, Black and White, Color, Digital, etc.

In addition to the cash prizes listed above; Dave Bown Projects will be buying works of art from photographers as submissions are received.

What our past prize recipients are saying
"receiving an unrestricted monetary award is extra money, and extra money is art money. i didn't spend it slowly. i spent it immediately. i bought two things that i needed: 5 days in a darkroom and a roll of 40" photographic paper. the large photographs that i've created recently have become some of my most successful work thus far."
— Liz Nielsen

“With the prize you gave me last year [2014] at Dave Bown Projects I was able to make two trips (one to Poland and one to France) this year [2015] to continue with the theme of silence, in which I've been working during the last years. Thank you once again!!”
— Gabriela Torres Ruiz

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What our past jurors are saying
"It was an honor ... The variety of submissions was impressive ... The creative impulse evident across the works was inspiring. I hope this important program will continue to grow and reach more artists in the future. It is a rare, generous, and much needed support for artists."
— Diane Mullin, Senior Curator, Weisman Art Museum

"It was truly a pleasure to review the submissions for the Dave Bown Projects 10th Semiannual Competition. The twenty-five finalists reflect the incredible breadth and quality of work being generated today. Of particular interest were the works that tackled traditional genres in innovative ways. In Joyce Ho’s Prelude, the fiberglass legs of a young girl peek from behind a rose-colored monochrome 'painting' while Matthew Cronin’s Combined Landscape, a black-and-white photograph of tangled branches, recalls the 'all-over' paintings of Jackson Pollock. It was such a rewarding experience to give these artists well-deserved recognition. Thank you Dave Bown for the opportunity and congratulations to all of the finalists!"
— Anna Stothart, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, San Antonio Museum of Art

“Being a juror a couple of years ago [2011] for the Dave Bown Projects 2nd Semiannual Competition was an informative and enjoyable professional experience for me. I was impressed with the number of high-quality submissions which required me to be very attentive and thorough in my deliberations. I would be delighted to serve as a juror if ever asked again.”
— Peter Surace, Founder, RARE Gallery, New York

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The Top 10 Photographers (1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, and 7 Finalist) will be selected by the jurors and featured under Competitions on this website. Each photographer will have their own page that will feature an image, caption information, and a link to their website (click here to see what that will look like). You will retain the copyright to your images.

Currently the Dave Bown Projects network reaches over one hundred thousand people (collectors, curators, galleries, museums, writers, etc.) who are committed to the visual arts. The Top 3 Photographers (1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place) will be archived on the About page under Unrestricted monetary awards to visual artists (past prize recipients) on this website ... click here to see what that looks like. Each of the photographers from past competitions receive thousands of views on this website.

Furthermore we have over 28,000 fans (Likes) on the Dave Bown Projects page on Facebook ... click here to check it out. And we have thousands of Followers on Twiiter ... click here to check it out. Each of the Top 10 Photographers will have their own page that will feature an image, caption information, and a link to their website ... click here to see what that will look like. You will retain the copyright to your images.

We will produce a press release (click here to view a past press release) and organize opportunities for dialogue. We will not handle the sale of your work. All inquiries will be forwarded to you.

Note: Gallery owners have contacted artists that we featured.

This competition is open to all photographers who are 18 years of age or older.
During the previous competition, we received submissions from over 40 countries.

Note: Photographers that have been exhibited by the jurors are not eligible. Photographers that have worked with the jurors are not eligible.
Employees of ClampArt, Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago, and Columbia College Chicago are not eligible.

Selection Process

Early entries are encouraged. Previewing will occur on a daily and weekly basis by Dave Bown Projects as submissions are received.

The jurors are interested in viewing images of work from all styles, categories, genres, themes, and photographic processes ... as long as the work is within the discipline of photography. Including but not limited to Cityscapes, Landscapes, Places, People, Portraits, Abstract, Still Life, Nature, Street, Aerial, Fashion, Architecture, Documentary, Time Laspe, Macro, Black and White, Color, Digital, etc.

Selection will be based on merit (your skills and abilities, via images of your work). All images will be considered and viewed by Dave Bown Projects. Dave Bown Projects reserves the right to reject a submission (images of work) at any time and for any reason.

The jurors have agreed to set aside their personal bias when making their selections. The jurors will only have access to the images of your work and a document that list a reference number, medium, and dimensions per image. We will change the file names of each of your images (e.g., photo-2015_01234.jpg) so that the jurors will not have access to your name, gender, ethnicity, or any impermissible criterion or circumstance. The jurors are interested in viewing images of work from emerging photographers from all styles and themes.

3 October 2015, 11:59 p.m. EST

All photographers that enter a submission will be notified on 17 October 2015 via email. The 3 prize recipients will receive a phone call.

Entry Fee
A non-refundable entry fee is required with your submission. There are no additional fees.
2 images for 45 USD, 4 images for 65 USD, 8 images for 95 USD

Note: A portion of the proceeds from this competition will be donated to inspire discovery and learning of photography through the Photo Acquisition Fund at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York. The George Eastman House is a nonprofit organization and the world's oldest museum dedicated to photography.  For further information, please visit

Please note the following options for payment of your entry fee:

You can pay your entry fee using PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to use your debit or credit card to pay your entry fee using PayPal, simply click on one of the Pay Now buttons below. A new secure browser window will open up, which may take a few moments depending on your internet connection speed. If you have a PayPal account, you can send money to or 917-365-5265
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65 USD
8 images
95 USD
You can call us at +1 (917) 365-5265 and we can securely process your debit or credit card. Or we can call you at your preferred time. Send an email to or a text to +1 (917) 365-5265 with your name, phone number, time zone, and the best time to call (e.g., morning, afternoon, evening).

After you pay your entry fee, copy and paste your Unique Transaction ID (e.g., 2JJ26549JM340074E) or Receipt Number (e.g., 1782-5181-1974-4707) into the Subject line of a new email from you to

Attach 2, 4, or 8 images of your work. JPEG format and no larger than 2 MB each.

Please name your files after the following manner:
FirstName_LastName_01.jpg ___ FirstName_LastName_02.jpg ___ FirstName_LastName_03.jpg ___ FirstName_LastName_04.jpg
FirstName_LastName_05.jpg ___ FirstName_LastName_06.jpg ___ FirstName_LastName_07.jpg ___ FirstName_LastName_08.jpg

Caption Information
After you attach your images, copy and paste the caption information (title, year, medium, and dimensions) for each of your images into the body of the email and click send.

We look forward to viewing images of your work.

Acceptable Optional Information
Your phone number.
Prices for your work.

Pay your entry fee.
Send an email to with your images attached and the caption information in the body of the email.
Tell your friends and colleagues about this competition.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your submission.

Dave Bown
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