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15 July 2012

Dave Bown Projects is pleased to announce the results of the 4th Semiannual Competition which was curated by Diane Mullin, Senior Curator at the Weisman Art Museum; Ron Platt, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Birmingham Museum of Art; and Mónica Ramírez-Montagut, Curator at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum from submissions that were received from artists from over 40 countries. This competition features images of the work of 25 visual artists. A total of $10,000 USD has been awarded. John Lyon received $5,000 USD. Austin Ballard, Roberley Bell, Jonathan Lux, Kelly O'Brien, and Brenda Hope Zappitell each received $1,000 USD.

Brett Amory
Alexios Avlamis
Austin Ballard
Roberley Bell
Jeff Briggs
Ahmet Civelek
Ivy Dachman
Patrick Earl Hammie
Patrick Kelly
Olivier Lariviere
Jeong Eun Lee
Jonathan Lux
John Lyon
Li Ma
Drako Malinche
Tomas Mayer
Chris Niemi
Kelly O'Brien
Christina Pettersson
Svetlana Rabey
Colin Roberts
Kirsten Stolle
Brooks Turner
Suhee Wooh
Brenda Hope Zappitell


"It was an honor to be asked to jury this project. The variety of submissions was impressive, ranging from intimate figurative drawings to large-scale abstract paintings and from sculptural constructions to gallery-sized installation work. The creative impulse evident across the works was inspiring. I hope this important program will continue to grow and reach more artists in the future. It is a rare, generous, and much needed support for artists."
— Diane Mullin, Senior Curator at the Weisman Art Museum

Scholars, artists, and the general public can now view the 4th Semiannual Competition at

Dave Bown Projects
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