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15 December 2011

Dave Bown Projects is pleased to announce the results of the 3rd Semiannual Competition which was curated by Paddy Johnson, Editorial Director, Art Fag City, New York; Richard Polsky, Author and Art Dealer; and Christina Strassfield, Director and Chief Curator, Guild Hall Museum, New York from submissions that were received from artists from over 40 countries. This competition features images of the work of 25 visual artists. A total of $10,000 USD has been awarded. Josh Welker received $5,000 USD. Larissa Borteh, Dina Brodsky, Giovanna Cecchetti, Eliza Burke Greene, and Liz Nielsen each received $1,000 USD.

Aliza Augustine
Jesse Morgan Barnett
Jon Barwick
Jeanette Bonds
Larissa Borteh
Dina Brodsky
Fidalis Buehler
Giovanna Cecchetti
Julie Davidow
Eliza Burke Greene
Gregory Hayes
David Hickman
Elissa Levy
Ryan McLennan
Liz Nielsen
Juliana Paciulli
Holly Knox Rhame
Ebony Rose
Tim Seifert
Richard Silver
Sam Still
Dannielle Tegeder
Ben Weiner
Josh Welker
Viktor Witkowski


"Eliza Burke Greene is a wonderful colorist. The painting Sleep Walker is vibrant and has inner energy that pushes to the surface of the canvas and has extended her reach far beyond the four corners of that canvas. The work has figurative elements but if one does not note the title of the piece it also reads as a well constructed abstract work."
— Christina Strassfield, Director and Chief Curator, Guild Hall Museum, New York

Scholars, artists, and the general public can now view the 3rd Semiannual Competition at

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